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Portal to Historic Outdoor Magazines

This website hosts a digital Library of 200+ early outdoor magazines from 1890 to 1947. Documents in the archival Library are arranged by decade with an accompanying subject matter index called "GuideToMags". Early outdoor magazines were key voices in defining how America would use, conserve and enjoy its natural resources. The Library is a 50 year snapshot of how magazines influenced; hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, clean water, habitat and species preservation and resource management in America. The unique North American Wildlife Conservation Model was one result of this process. Don’t take my word for it. Read it yourself in the hundreds of digital pages in the Classic Outdoor Magazine Library.

What’s Available and How You Can Find It

The power of digital reading is available for a representative slice of early outdoor magazines. Adobe rigorously maintains a free PDF Reader with a lightning fast text search engine. Quickly scan the entire library to find people, locations, guns, decoys, rods, reels, lures, boats, outboard motors or camping equipment. Search with laser-like precision. Bookmark and highlight important reference points. Magnify ads or pictures to examine minute detail. Easily thumb through brittle pages, now digital, which haven’t seen the light of day since being stored in the attic; before flight, before the Ford, before WWI, the Dust Bowl, the Depression and WWII. Browse to identify new gear to collect. Retrace early outdoor adventures on your next outing.

PDF files in the library have been formatted for Adobe Reader 7 or newer. The latest version of Adobe Reader (free) is available here.

Enhanced Cover Art – Previews Changed May, 2016

Damaged covers from circulated magazines have been digitally repaired for viewing on this website. Enjoy cover art as fresh as when it was delivered 70 to 100 years ago. Classic Outdoor Magazines and their hunter, angler readers contributed significantly to the excellent outdoor opportunities we enjoy today. This website preserves our early outdoor magazine heritage as a tribute to the magazines and the hunters and anglers that helped shape natural resource usage for the 21st Century.

Graphically Remastered Cover-Art
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